1. Guest (not verified)
    Fri, 2006-06-09 18:51

    Does anybody know who that guy is who brings 4 or 5 kids to the pool every day and stays for the entire day? He lets the kids run around like monsters taking toys that belong to other children and generally harassing everyone. The littlest kid is the worst. He can't be more than 2 or 3 years old. The other day he ran over and grabbed my flipflop and refused to give it back. He ran off with it shouting curse words at me the whole time. I had never even said a word to the kid. Meanwhile, the guy, who should be watching the brats cranks up his rap music to an ungodly level, gets drunk, and falls asleep. He's sitting there snoring, while the kids are wreaking havoc and everyone else has to listen to the profanity coming from his boombox as well as the mouths of the kids he is supposed to be supervising. I've complained to the office about this guy for two summers in a row, but they don't seem to care. Is this the kind of clientele the management wants to welcome?