Governor Requests School Closings - bunch of bull

Governor Sonny Perdue has announced that he has requested that all the state's school systems take an "early snow day" and close on Monday and Tuesday of next week in a fuel saving measure as a result of Hurricane Rita.

"Any supply squeeze is temporary, and is nothing we can't handle," Perdue said.

Perdue also has signed an executive order that eliminates non-essential travel by state employees.

Perdue's office is also encouraging telecommuting and alternative scheduling by non-essential state offices in order to save on fuel costs.

If all of Georgia's schools close, the governor estimated about 250,000 gallons of diesel fuel would be saved each day by keeping buses off the road.

The governor also said an undetermined amount of regular gasoline also would be saved by allowing teachers, other school staff members and some parents to stay home those days. Electricity also would be conserved by keeping the schools closed.

The Archdiocese of Atlanta has announced that all of their schools will be closed Monday and Tuesday in accordance with the governor's request.

According to the Georgia Board of Education, most school systems will be closed Monday and Tuesday, with the exception of Floyd County schools, Haralson county, Rome City schools and Thomasville City schools.

"While I never like to see classes canceled, unprecedented events call for an unprecedented response," said Superintendent of Schools Kathy Cox. "I am hopeful that these two early snow days will help us avoid a fuel shortage and will alleviate the short-term fuel concerns of local districts."

Meanwhile, Georgia Secretary of State and Democratic gubernatorial candidate Cathy Cox criticized the governor's move in a sharply worded statement, calling it a political stunt.

“Clearly, the Governor didn't consider the impact of this stunt on working Georgians. He must not realize how much Georgia families will have to spend for last-minute child care alternatives for their children on Monday and Tuesday," said Cox.