Don't move here. Don't do it.

This is a long review, but I have a long list of complaints about this place. If the leasing office tells you the reviews on here are a lie, they're the liars. All they care about is getting you to sign the lease and then, believe me, they won't give a ---- about you unless you're late on the rent.

This place sucks. I moved in in mid-2011, and when I moved in there were 6 maintenance issues in my apartment. They promised - several times, when they were selling me the place - to have them fixed within 72 hours. After 4 months, 2 of the problems were actually fixed. Fast forward 4 more months, and I'd given up on the others. Every time I called to ask about them, I'd hear "oh, gee, we'll have to call you back," which never happened, or "but it's marked as completed in our system!" Nice to know the staff doesn't have the integrity to actually fix problems, but just mark them off the list without bothering to actually do anything - except fix their absurd gate system four times a week, you can count on that.

On top of the maintenance issues, I have never had such an issue with roaches, insects, and assorted creepy-crawlies in my life. I started killing the centipedes I was seeing everywhere, but once I learned that centipedes actually hunt and eat roaches, spiders, and silverfish (all of which I had plenty of, no wonder they kept showing up), I started letting them live in the hopes they would hunt down the other bugs before I had to deal with them. Keeping all my food sealed in airtight containers and off of the countertops, along with spraying several times all over the apartment, did nothing to help this issue, and I had to throw away my microwave after I realized cockroaches were nesting in the back of it - and my apartment was kept very clean, I can only imagine a dirty one. One night I woke up to the sound of something in the walls gnawing its way through the insulation, and started noticing rodent poop under my kitchen sink. I set traps, didn't manage to catch any of them, but the poop kept coming back. Ninja rodents. Nice. To be fair, they do state in the lease that pest control is your problem. They must know what kind of infestations they have, and God forbid they hire an exterminator instead of using every bit of their money to fix that g%& d#*n gate system.

And oh, I'm sorry, would you like your mail to be private? Because about half of their mailboxes, which are located right off the street, have broken locks and are hanging wide open with the mail inside them for anybody to take. There's likely a legal issue in there somewhere, but I doubt they care. It's probably marked as completed on their list. Besides, why waste money on things like federal mail laws when they need to take care of their top priorities, like the gate system from hell?

You'll also want to make sure your insurance policies are up-to-date, because you'll be getting regular newsletters about the burglaries and attempted arson. And don't mind those piles of broken glass you'll occasionally find in the parking spaces that look suspiciously like somebody smashed a car window. They'll sweep those up. At least they have security gates to keep out the criminals... well, the ones who don't already live there, at least.

The gate system. Oh, the gate system. If you think security gates are a good idea now, you won't after you experience these. You'll want to mow them down with a bulldozer. These gates are The.Worst. When they work (which is thankfully not often anymore) you will sit in a line of traffic for, I kid you not, 45 minutes on a Friday or Saturday night trying to get to your apartment, while the f*cker at the front of the line pages through 50 buildings' worth of residents trying to find the one name they're looking for. Don't bother trying to speed things up by opening the gate for others with your card, because they will totally fine you for that (gotta add money to the Future Gate Repair Fund).

When you FINALLY get to swipe your gate card, you better gun it because the crossbar doesn't stay up long enough to gently ease your car over the 3-foot-high speed bump they put at the gate. Forget sparing your car's suspension, because now that you've gotten into the gate, there are 478369 other speed bumps between you and your bug-infested, maybe broken-into paradise of an apartment (don't try to go slowly, because the impatient a**holes that invade this place will run. you. over). And once you manage to actually find a parking space - the difficulty of which, depending on your building, ranges between church-on-a-Saturday-night to shopping-mall-at-Christmas - you're home!