Please believe the bad reviews

I was told by an employee of centennial ridge that the reviews on rats was a lie. I just saw a rat in my kitchen on top of the stove. I am not a filthy person and there are no food items out. I heard a noise in the kitchen and went to inspect and there it was on top of the stove. Three individuals in the 1100 building have seen a rat in their apartment. Honestly, I have never seen a rat until I moved here. I have no reason to try to slander this complex. The management is pretty rude and will attempt to slide fees on you if you do not keep a record of your payments. It is also a major issue to get things fixed. I do know they are attempting to sell the property so maybe that has something to do with the rude behavior of the office staff. I am going to have to do whatever is necessary to get out of here because I refuse to live in fear of being bitten by a rat. Complaints to the office are usually met with excuses.


  1. -Anonymous156
    Thu, 2012-03-08 17:20

    You are 100% correct. However, I'm less afraid of the rats than of the unsavory people that are always hanging around. My AC has been broken 3 times since June, with the first being the first day I moved in. It is broken now, but I've given up. They also always seem to need to get inside with no warning and I don't trust them inside without me there. They have had to cut the water and power twice in the past six months and only gave a notice of the night before it was supposed to happen the next morning. They certainly can't keep up with payments! They have tried to charge me three different times for things I don't owe. I hate this place. Can't wait to leave. Also, I did hear from one of the office staff that they are in fact selling the place. I confirmed this yesterday.