I wanted to thank everyone out there that has been following the issues here at Centennial Ridge Resident's Corner. Good news as far as the website is concerned, we had a total of 26,966 hits for the month of December alone. This is great for a site that does no advertising and sells no products. As an added bonus Google search rankings have ranked 1st and 2nd positions on their search engine, this is better than most websites that have been on the web for years. I also want to thank Q-100 Radio station who ran a special on our site.... Thanks to you all!!!


  1. Guest (not verified)
    Mon, 2006-02-13 19:34

    I haven't had too many problems other than the normal ones...parking, rude kids, etc., but I was SHOCKED to hear about the rat problem on the channel 46 news tonight! How is it that I must hear about this on the local news and not from Mgt?!? Which bldgs are affected? What's being done?!?

    Thank you to whomever put together this web site!!! I will use it to my favor when negotiating renewals from this complex. I hope they are visiting this site and quickly understanding the huge frustration of many of their residents....Anonymous

  2. Board Administrator
    Tue, 2006-01-31 18:20

    From: -Anonymous-
    Date posted: 1/27/2006
    Years at this apartment: 2006-2006

    I think all of the controversey has put a bad name on us all. I have friends that dont want to come over to my apartment because they think the whole place has rats.I think we all know that maybe one or two apartments had rats, but not all of us. I'd be mad if they were in my house too but it sounds like the office has tried to correct the issues. I agree about the kids playing in hallways and around are vehicles. It makes you wonder what the hell are the parents doing...

  3. Guest (not verified)
    Mon, 2006-02-13 19:49

    The channel 46 news story tonight on the rat problem will hopefully motivates mgt into serious action. I have been a resident for over a year and am very concerned, not only about rodents but other issues I've seen on this site...drugs, thugs, guns...

    Thanks to the concerned person who started this site. I will be checking back frequently, and let the "office" know my concerns loud and clear! Again, Thank You....A Resident