We were just watching Nip Tuck and heard a loud pop. So my girlfriend walked into my laundry room where the noise came from to find a dead rat trapped by his head in a rat trap that the office placed there. This getting out of hand they still have not came and finished the job under the sink in the pictures. AGAIN I ASK YOU DO YOU REALLY WANT TO LIVE HERE????

Rats on the attack
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Rat attack
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rat attack 2
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  1. Rosegirl
    Fri, 2005-12-09 10:24

    Deliver the little f*&%ers to the front office. Wait until there are a lot of people hanging around and walk in with the rat carcasses in a zip-lock bag. Complain loudly.

  2. Megan Wilbourn
    Sat, 2005-12-10 13:44

    The only good thing I can think of is, be glad they're letting you leave! I mean they have no grounds to evict you, but you on the other hand, you have every right for a construcive eviction due to default by owner. Depending on what lease you have, if you put in a work order of substaintial importance (in writing), and the property does not repair it within seven days, you can terminate your lease without notice and get your deposit(s) and prorated consession back by law. I work in the industry and the reason I say be glad they're letting you leave is because when I moved in my complex in August I requested they fix the kitchen floor (due to a hole) I didn't follow up until Nov when I came home and there was a HUGE rat chillen on my couch like "what up Megan, welcome home" and then ran in that hole. Well, it was def. past 7 days and they are not letting me terminate my lease because they don't feel that they did anything wrong even though it's in black and white. Not to mention maintenence has left hot water running all day before damaged my property with mud, left dirt all over the place, and used my bathroom and a whole roll of toilet paper (?). When I told the property manager, she told me I pay too much attention to detail.... She also told my neighbor to go to Wal-Mart and buy a rat trap... ::cough:: Dunwoody Pointe ::cough::

  3. Board Administrator
    Sat, 2005-12-10 14:38

    They are suing me for the site. I was on Q-100 last night talking about the problem. They said they will try and place my site on their site, but, they have to check with Dylan first so they don’t get sued. I have the tape from last night I need to get it on the site.....

  4. apartmentremixer
    Sat, 2005-12-10 15:08

    what assholes! They can't sue you for a website! They need sued!

  5. apartmentremixer
    Thu, 2005-12-08 18:24

    I think the office needs to be forced to live with 100 rats for a week. and they need to be forced to sleep with them too. This site has some terrible stuff on it that I'd never seen at an apt complex b4. This is unsanitary and worthing should be shut down! How could they let this happen? Does anyone from thier "corporate" know about this. They prolly do but they won't do anything. Please call the authorities and see hoe much they can do.