Gas Leaks, Poor Management and a shady lease

To all concerned about moving into Centennial ridge apartments in Roswell GA. Please do not.
Unless you like gas leaks that management will not fix, heaters and AC that do not work and most importantly hidden covenants in your lease and paperwork requiring a 60 day notification that you are leaving even if your lease ends on good terms. The termination fees are not stated on the lease so you do pay, BIG!!!!

Our experience here for 1 year as my company transfered me was a complete disaster. We had 4 gas leaks and the maintenance guy said that little leaks were ok and not a big deal. At that time we had a 2 day old in our apartment. Unbelievable! After we contacted management they did nothing. The last leak was so severe that we contacted GNG(GA Natural Gas) to fix it as our maintenance guy couldn't find a leak and blamed it on an apartment 2 stories below. The GNG guy found 2 leaks in our apartment both were enough to cause harm to infants.
Management is clueless regarding the issues and at the end of our lease, 35 days prior, we received a letter that we had to give 60 days notice to officially end our lease. To my fault I misplaced the lease as we were purchasing a new home. But to give no notice or communication and require a 60 day notice just to inform them that you will not be going forward is absurd.