There are a string of robberies going around in just our complex alone we had TWO in the past month, Well just go ahead and make that number THREE because we just got robbed. We were out of town at a funeral. Our door was kicked in and ALL OF OUR FURNITURE WAS GONE!! The apartment complex knew that it happened while we were gone, and NEVER CALLED THE POLICE. We found out that it happened on Monday, and we found out on Saturday. No body saw a thing, so we are out like $10,000. And the funny thing is, The Office Managers wanted to know if we wanted to stay. HELL NO! All of our furniture is gone, all of my EXPENSIVE purses, our TVs, Computers, Bed, Night Stands, they left out clothes though. The house is a wreck. I know if we would have been there, I would be dead now.

They put the gates up for security, but all of these robberies started after the gates. It looks like they are just keeping all the criminals in.