Cable is out.. whether you like it or not (and some Gate Info too)

I don't know if you have recently seen the "DirecTV coming May 15th" signs. I largely ignored them because I am a cable person. Boy, I am glad I re-read that flyer they put on my door.

Here is some NEED TO KNOW information that conveniently got left off the scant information they DID give us:

1) On May 15th you will no longer receive MediaWorks Cable or ANY cable for that matter. If you have not PROACTIVELY called DirecTV to sign up for new service, you will spend the evening looking for your rabbit ears.

2) Just because the management has severed their contract with MediaWorks does NOT mean you are officially cancelled with them. You are REQUIRED to call MediaWorks and cancel your individual account. Otherwise, they CAN continue to charge you even if you don't receive service anymore.

3) Cable is one of those bills that you pay ahead of time. (i.e. the payment due on May 1 is for the whole month of May's service). Therefore, most of us have already paid thru May 30th even though we will only have service until May 15th. You have to PROACTIVELY call MediaWorks to arrange for a refund for those 15 extra days. You can do that in the same call as the cancellation. CLICK 'READ MORE' TO READ THE REST OF THIS LIST


4) Here is how the DirecTV will work: Centennial Ridge has banned all TV dishes. Therefore, they will install one or more satellites and then each apartment will get a line that runs from that. It is NOT a cable line and cannot be used as such. However, every time the weather is bad... you WILL lose your signal... as will everyone else in your complex

5) Currently, DirecTV is waiving their hook up fee (Although those with bad credit will have to pay a $50 deposit) However, you will be REQUIRED TO SIGN A ONE YEAR CONTRACT with them. If your lease is up in less than one year, you will have to take the DirecTV with you. Much like a gym membership, they will only break the contract if you are blocked from having DirecTV at your next place. But who doesn't allow DirecTV? Also, when you move they will give you a dish for free if you need one in your new place (you will not have a dish here at The Ridge). This is called their “Mover’s Connect Plan”. There are some stipulations, so be sure to get more info on this when you call… especially if your lease at the Ridge is less than one year.

6) Since DirecTV is a dish service, there will no longer be a cable internet possibility within the walls of Centennial Ridge.

7) You will have to PROACTIVELY call either BellSouth or EarthLink to get set up with DSL.

8) Currently, neither BellSouth nor EarthLink is offering any hook up deals for those of us from Centennial Ridge. You will be required to pay all hook up, access and up front fees.

9) The only internet service you can get is DSL (or dial up).

10) DSL will require a phone line. If you are a strictly cellular person with no landline, you will have to get one put in before you can have/get DSL. With BellSouth, there is a charge for this hook up (which is separate from the DSL hook up fee)

11) Currently BellSouth has a mail-in rebate deal to get the DSL modem free. But you have to front the money ($75) and wait for your rebate. Otherwise you also have to pay for the modem on top of the hook up fees. I don't think they require a contract though.

12) You will need to clear a day or two off of work for these guys to come do their hook ups. Both BellSouth and DirecTV only have slots from 8am - 12pm and 12pm - 4pm.

13) Currently DirecTV is offering Centennial Ridge only three weekend days to do this on. Those are Fri, Sat and Sun May 18, 19 and 20. Those slots are filling fast though. Otherwise they only offer Tues, Wed and Thurs spots.

14) DirecTV plans: are available on their website at (note the single "t"). Supposedly the Ridge management office has a coupon to take $10 every month. But some people say they don't. You can get this coupon online too.

15) DirecTV plans are for one TV only. Any extra TV's you want service on will cost you an additional $4.99 per month (over and above the plan price).

16) I spoke to Clark Howard himself directly on his show about this. This is the gist of what he said:
They CANNOT legally lock us into DirecTV. We have the right to go to another dish provider. However, it IS their right to ban us from having dishes... which kinds of counts Dish Network or any other service out. You can petition the management... but I am sure you can imagine how that will go over. It is also their right to ban all normal cable outlets from coming in to go over the lines that MediaWorks once used.
Specifically he said “it’s their land so it’s their prerogative on what happens there. That’s the price of renting.” (Same goes for the BS with the gas company... you do know that most other gas companies charge far less than GNG which we are locked into)

17) It is also their right to make this change with little or no notice. Since there is no law that says they have to provide us with any service.

18) I am a TiVo user. I had bought some expensive routers to make my TiVo work via my cable internet connection. That is now useless to me. My TiVo will not work unless I get a phone line. I, personally, have about 2.5 months left on my lease. I am not paying incredible hook up fees and signing contracts for such a short time.... so I am screwed and just have to do the rabbit ear thing until I can get out of this POS place.

I guess I will be seeing all of you at the pool a lot more often then.

Sorry this was so long, but none of this info was on that sheet they sent out and I thought it was valuable info to properly navigate the latest in the ways the Ridge can screw us.

I just do not understand… do they not want any of us to live here?

Oh, and PS> I also asked about those God-forsaken Gates out front. They plan to have them operational by next week (week of May 13) and put them into full use by the following week (week of May 20).

Management plans to use the phone number that is in your original renter's file as the contact number guests will call for access. If this is not the number you want them to use, you need to PROACTIVELY go to them and change it.

The management will not be doing anything proactive to make sure they have the correct information. (surprised?)

They also have no plans to fence in the Ridge either. So while the gates look great, they don't keep anyone out because they can simply walk around the side of the gates and get right in.

You also need to proactively go get a card pass to get in/out of the gates. The first one is free, additional ones are $25 each. You DON'T want to know what they are charging for replacing lost ones... so if you have kids... staple it to their hands.


  1. ashley (not verified)
    Sun, 2007-08-26 16:12

    There are a string of robberies going around in just our complex alone we had TWO in the past month, Well just go ahead and make that number THREE because we just got robbed. We were out of town at a funeral. Our door was kicked in and ALL OF OUR FURNITURE WAS GONE!! The apartment complex knew that it happened while we were gone, and NEVER CALLED THE POLICE. We found out that it happened on Monday, and we found out on Saturday. No body saw a thing, so we are out like $10,000. And the funny thing is, The Office Managers wanted to know if we wanted to stay. HELL NO! All of our furniture is gone, all of my EXPENSIVE purses, our TVs, Computers, Bed, Night Stands, they left out clothes though. The house is a wreck. I know if we would have been there, I would be dead now.

    They put the gates up for security, but all of these robberies started after the gates. It looks like they are just keeping all the criminals in.