We want resolution RAT NOW!

As the other resident has posted, I too have had a serious problem with rats the past few months. Unfortunately for me, I live on the bottom, which is easy access for these pests. It seems that they like throw parties in the wall. I've heard many scrums in the walls, and am sick of it. These rats have no fear. You can bang where you here them, and they will squeak back at you like they pay rent here. Maybe they need to. I too have resorted to poisoning as the situation continues to deteriorate. My health concerns come before the management’s unwillingness to resolve the situation. I now have seen flees in my unit and have no pets. Ever heard of bubonic plague? How about black death? It started with flees that had drunk infected rat blood and then bit humans. This is not an ancient illness, as it infects more than 3000 people a year. Mortality rate? 1%
This also the last lease I will ever sign here and I urge you to do the same. It's a sad situation when you have a nice apartment, and can't even invite your girl over due to rats.


  1. Disgruntle Resident (not verified)
    Mon, 2006-05-01 11:13

    I have lived in the Archstone now Centennial Ridge aprtments for over 4 years now.The quality of the residents have went straight to the dogs. Anyone who has a social secutiy number that they can run and the cash to get in can move in. I have had two cars stolen from in front of the building I lived in. A new one backed into by a none driving Hispanic resident. Of course management cannot do anything but say call the police but what about them putting notices up or assisgning parking spaces to paying tenants. I have complained about these incidents along with the air conditioner going out every summer-NO FREON. I have called the police numerous times and made reports but who cares. Th new management only wants rent money. BE LATE IF YOU WANT TO.I even referred a friend and they would not pay the 500.00 due to the complaints they have received from the both of us but of course they found some other bogus office excuse. They never answer the phone. None usually knows nothing so you have to keep calling back. My Lease is up this summer and I will not be renewing due to the more recent incidents. I wish new tenants the best maybe they can call this place home. The LACK of everything bothers me.