Violent Mid-Day Break In

On Thursday my friend's apartment in building 1800 was broken into. Around 3pm a black male wearing an FBI hat pounded on the door of the apartment. My friend was at work, but at home alone was her elderly mother. The the man pounded on the door demanding entry, saying he was with the police. When elderly woman refused to open the door the man kicked in the door and robbed the woman at gunpoint. I came home from work to find six or seven police cars in the parking lot. The police searched for several hours but never found the man.


  1. Guest (not verified)
    Fri, 2006-06-30 13:16

    Don't ever think you'll get a referral fee from the management. They'll do what they have to, making sure you get FUCKED out of it. I can't wait to leave this dump.

  2. Gwenhyfur
    Mon, 2006-06-26 22:47

    Ack. I like to go walking in the evenings. No more. I had no idea the break ins were as bad as this. I was led to believe that it was someone opening their door to someone they didn't know. That poor woman with the broken bones. . .

    I've had all kinds of crime in my building though since I moved in. Two different sets of small time drug dealers (I wouldn't call it hard-core dealing, I think it was mostly pot) lived in the building, and I was sad to see them go. They stayed up late and kept an eye on things, were actually very nice, and because someone kept reporting them, we had plenty of police activity and prescence near the building. But, they moved out when their lease was up, and it has gone down hill from there.

    There is almost no one left in my building except for this one guy who has moved something like three times in the same building. He has followed me to my door before, and I've had to ask him to move far away so I could open my door! The other night he flung open his door a few seconds after I had opened mine to go out and gave me a full on frontal nude man flash.

    I don't want to report it, because I know the management really likes this guy, and they don't care for me because I insist that give me good service when I am in the office (as in I shouldn't have to stand there for 30mins so you can sucker some other poor fool into living here). I also did not want to call the police because I know that they couldn't do anything to him based on just my saying he did what he did, and since my building is so empty and he lives so close it concerns me that he could get angry and do anything to me, and it might be awhile before anyone knows. . .

    And so, I'm outta here the first chance I get -with certified letters detailing every bad moment of my experience at Centennial Ridge, with property manager's names to the Worthington Company.

  3. Guest (not verified)
    Tue, 2006-06-13 19:42

    I came home on Thursday 6/8/06 to find a note on my door warning that there had been two more break-ins that week. Regarding the violent break in from the week before, the elderly lady was physically injured and is being treated for several broken bones. That was the final straw for them, she and her daughter are moving out after being here for years. I received no notification by the office of this incident. Two of my friends in the neighborhood are pregnant and they and their husbands are moving out, saying they don't feel safe having children here. There is an exodus from my building and my area of the complex as people have just had enough and are giving notice and planning their moves. I feel bad for the people who are moving in and don't know what's going on. I never see any police cars ride through the neighborhood or any of the office staff out in their golf carts ....maybe they're scared too. I'll bet none of the office staff lives on site. I plan to call the police dept. to ask what the crime rate is like in our neighborhood. I'll post the results of my findings.

  4. Guest (not verified)
    Fri, 2006-06-09 18:42

    Wow, that's quite disturbing. The people at the office just told me that everyone who had been robbed had pretty much brought it on themselves by leaving doors or windows unlocked. I'm a single mom, and my teenage daughter is often home alone while I am at work. We used to feel safe here when we moved here 3 years ago. I can't believe how much this place has gone downhill!

  5. Guest (not verified)
    Tue, 2006-06-13 13:53

    I went to the office the other day to inquire about getting my alarm set up. They said that in my area of the complex, the alarms that are installed are unable to be monitored by them and I would have to call an outside company like Brinks to come hook it up. I think that it's damn ridiculous that they can't even come to make alarm go off in the case of an intruder. I don't really care if it's monitored, lord knows it would take too long for cops to show up anyway.

    FOr anyone that is interested I did find a nifty anti-intrusion device. It's a bar that lodges underneath the doorknob. It makes it very hard to try to kick in the door.