Went to office this morning

I went to the office this morning to speak with our NEW manager. She is a pretty woman. Anyway I am getting off subject here. She assured me that the problem will be rectified by days end. We will see...I will post later today with outcome.

Rat update

Here we go again. Just got off the phone with Miss Ambuger at the office (the new and 3rd manager in 2 months). She advised me that the contractor that patched the wall incorrectly the first time will have to come out and patch it again TOMORROW. Can you believe that shit? It’s been two weeks now and I still have rats and everyone is clueless to how to get rid of them. I can make one call and have them gone but it would be at my expense. They are no help and I am going to make sure that every person that walks into that office knows about this problem. I am going to be their worst nightmare.........


To report the rat problem please see below:

Environment > Code Enforcement

Department: Environment & Community Development
Email: smith.johnk@co.fulton.ga.us
Phone: 404-335-2920

The Code Enforcement division enforces the Fulton County Code of Laws within unincorporated Fulton County. Staff are responsible for responding to citizen complaints concerning the environmental quality of neighborhoods. Some examples are:

* parking on the grass
* trash & debris in yards
* junk cars
* abandoned & dilapidated houses

The enforcement division also works with residents, neighborhood associations, and other county officials.

Rat Update

Ok, I spoke with the leasing office again today and find out that they can't poison the rats because they are affraid that they will stink, and that will cause more money to fix the walls they will have to tear out to get the dead rats out. I advised that they are a lil to late I have begin feeding he rats poison already. I spoke with my neighbor this morning and found out that she can hear the rats in her celing and she lives right below me. I still have not gotten my sink fixed and they say it is gonna be tomorrow before they can get to it.

Rat Update

Just got off the phone with Er*c at the leasing office. He tells me instead of fixing the whole under my sink he will bring me an $80.00 electronic device. He is a fucking idiot. I advised him that if he did not get my shit fixed I will be in his office and cause the biggest stink that they will not be able to rent another apartment. These sorry bastards have the nerve to tell me they can't get someone to fix the whole in the wall where the rats are coming thru until Monday. I am on my way down to that office right now......

More about the rats.

This place sucks. I now have rats in my apartment I am leaving, this is sad. I am scared of rats and I can hear them running in the walls and nibbling on the back of my sink (where they came and patched yesterday to keep them out.) I called the office but there is no answering service anymore. 770 642 1661 try, there is the number. I am totally fed up with this place now. I have been here for about 3 years now and it has gone down the drain. Yeah they painting the streets, doing the lawn nice, but the interior is no good. Call the number see if you get a live person. I am so mad right now, cause I can hear the rats in the wall as I type this.

Rats at Centennial Ridge?

Now this is the straw that breaks the camels back. I spent a weekend away from home and when I return I notice that there are wood shavings and rat droppings in my kicthen. This happens to be on a Sunday when the ofice does not open until 1pm. They did come out that evening and brought some type of device that you plug into an electrical socket. Monday the pest control company came out and did their thing ( I don't know what the hell they did they never came in the house) Another resident in my building saw the critter, she says it is big and black.


Now this is the straw that breaks the camels's back. I went out of town