Resident Update (With Pictures)

Spoke with L**a and it did not go well, apparently they are getting some bad press from my site, and this is just the beginning. All she did was treating me saying "you have one of two options, you can shut down the site or we will evict you". I am sorry she did not say evict, she used the terms "terminate your lease". I think she and E**c are related and now P**ge is in on the hoorah. This is getting fun.

They care nothing of your concerns only about renting apartments and making their commission. I sent my girlfriend up to the office to drop off a work order and they told her she could not drop off a work order because her name is not on the lease. What they did not remember is that they had accepted her check to pay the rent 30mins earlier, so you tell me why adults want to play child games. So the next day I went down and turned in the work order and never mentioned the incident with my girlfriend. Take a look at the image below this is what my girlfriend wanted to report on 11.3.2005


So I went in the office on 11.4.2005 and placed my work order; I never mentioned that my girlfriend had came in the day prior. They came out on Fri 11.5.2005 and this is the fix I got.

Resident images

They have not been out since and have been avoiding my calls, so I will communicate with them via this site. I have more images I will post in the days to come, and I am also trying to extract the phone conversation from my phone so they are soon to come also. To Be Continued

Download Work Order Template

Download work order templates here(You must sign up). Keep track of your work orders and how long it takes for management to respond. Property Maintenance

The landlord-tenant relationship is founded on duties proscribed by either statutory law , the common law, or the individual lease. What provisions may be contained in a lease is normally regulated by statutory law. See § 1.403 of the URLTA(Uniform Residential Landlord and Tenant Act). Basic to all leases is the implied covenant of quiet enjoyment. This covenant ensure the tenant that his possession will not be disturbed by someone with a superior legal title to the land including the landlord. See Restatement 2d § 4.1-4.3. A breach of the covenant of quiet enjoyment may be actual or constructive. A constructive eviction occurs when the landlord causes the premises to become uninhabitable.

Housing codes were established to ensure that residential rental units were habitable at the time of rental and during the tenancy. Depending on the state, housing code violations may lead to administrative action or to the tenant being allowed to withhold rent. The habitability of a residential rental unit is also ensured by warranties of habitability which are prescribed by common and/or statutory law. See § 2.104 of the URLTA. A breach of the warranty of habitability or a covenant within the lease may constitute constructive eviction, allow the tenant to withhold rent, repair the problem and deduct the cost from the rent, or recover damages. See URLTA § § 4.101 & 4.104 & 4.105.

Ahh them rats

Dang that is some nasty ass shit. I was going to move into those apartments until I was sitting in my man's apartment and one of those f*ers ran across my leg.. Hell no....not anymore....screw that....I'm telling everyone I know about that junk.


OK I have not posted in a while I have been so busy with my own clients I have not had time post about this issue. So to bring everyone abreast of the situation as it stands.
I took a day off work on Thursday 10.27.2005. The night before I was up all night fighting with the rats. They had gotten so bold that one was sitting on the stove and when I shined the light at him he just stared, and refused to move. To give you an idea I went to the store bought a disposable camera and came back and he was still there. I assume that he was dying from the poison that I gave him. He eventually ran down into the oven. That night I called the office's answering service (They fixed it after I made them aware of it) and spoke with Yari who informed me that "it is not my job to remove rats. If you have no water that’s my job, if you have no power, that’s my job, this not my job." In those exact words. Needless to say I was pissed for a lack of better terms. Before I went to bed I placed a rat trap ON TOP OF THE STOVE, and when I woke to my surprise my furry little friend was trapped by is neck in the trap. I went into the office the next day and spoke with Li*a (she advised that I am spelling her last name wrong, but, did not give me the correct spelling) and she assured me that the issue would be resolved. That day she had 2 maintenance guys meet me at my house and they walked my entire house to see where the rats could be coming in from. These guys were relatively nice guys one was the supervisor which I can't remember his name, the other was named Roman. Roman was the first to actually apologize for the problems that I believe was sincere; everyone else has been blowing smoke. Anyway they did come out and bring me a new oven the very next day and patched most of the holes. So things are moving in a positive direction. Will keep you posted

We want resolution RAT NOW!

As the other resident has posted, I too have had a serious problem with rats the past few months. Unfortunately for me, I live on the bottom, which is easy access for these pests. It seems that they like throw parties in the wall. I've heard many scrums in the walls, and am sick of it. These rats have no fear. You can bang where you here them, and they will squeak back at you like they pay rent here. Maybe they need to. I too have resorted to poisoning as the situation continues to deteriorate. My health concerns come before the management’s unwillingness to resolve the situation. I now have seen flees in my unit and have no pets. Ever heard of bubonic plague? How about black death? It started with flees that had drunk infected rat blood and then bit humans. This is not an ancient illness, as it infects more than 3000 people a year. Mortality rate? 1%

Just got off the phone with L**a

OK, I just got off the phone with L**a Ambu*ger at the office. This time I recorded the call and have the audio for you. I will post the audio of the call later today or tomorrow. By the way they are not to happy about this site. I LOVE AMERICA...

To Report Rat Problem Call Fulton County Health Department 770-640-3053

The Environmental Health Services Division protects and assures the health and wellness of the people of Fulton County through education and by enforcing environmental health regulations, including Clean Indoor Air, Drinking Water Supply, Food Services, Nuisances, Rat Control, Solid Waste, Sewage Disposal, Swimming Pools, and Tourist Accommodations.

Fees for licensing, inspections and permitting increased, effective January 1, 2005. See the new Fee Schedule.

Residential Development Approval

Evaluates undeveloped property for residences to be served by individual sewage disposal systems.

What do you think about the new management company?