Gas Leaks, Poor Management and a shady lease

To all concerned about moving into Centennial ridge apartments in Roswell GA. Please do not.
Unless you like gas leaks that management will not fix, heaters and AC that do not work and most importantly hidden covenants in your lease and paperwork requiring a 60 day notification that you are leaving even if your lease ends on good terms. The termination fees are not stated on the lease so you do pay, BIG!!!!

Our experience here for 1 year as my company transfered me was a complete disaster. We had 4 gas leaks and the maintenance guy said that little leaks were ok and not a big deal. At that time we had a 2 day old in our apartment. Unbelievable! After we contacted management they did nothing. The last leak was so severe that we contacted GNG(GA Natural Gas) to fix it as our maintenance guy couldn't find a leak and blamed it on an apartment 2 stories below. The GNG guy found 2 leaks in our apartment both were enough to cause harm to infants.


There are a string of robberies going around in just our complex alone we had TWO in the past month, Well just go ahead and make that number THREE because we just got robbed. We were out of town at a funeral. Our door was kicked in and ALL OF OUR FURNITURE WAS GONE!! The apartment complex knew that it happened while we were gone, and NEVER CALLED THE POLICE. We found out that it happened on Monday, and we found out on Saturday. No body saw a thing, so we are out like $10,000. And the funny thing is, The Office Managers wanted to know if we wanted to stay. HELL NO! All of our furniture is gone, all of my EXPENSIVE purses, our TVs, Computers, Bed, Night Stands, they left out clothes though. The house is a wreck. I know if we would have been there, I would be dead now.

They put the gates up for security, but all of these robberies started after the gates. It looks like they are just keeping all the criminals in.

Cable is out.. whether you like it or not (and some Gate Info too)

I don't know if you have recently seen the "DirecTV coming May 15th" signs. I largely ignored them because I am a cable person. Boy, I am glad I re-read that flyer they put on my door.

Here is some NEED TO KNOW information that conveniently got left off the scant information they DID give us:

1) On May 15th you will no longer receive MediaWorks Cable or ANY cable for that matter. If you have not PROACTIVELY called DirecTV to sign up for new service, you will spend the evening looking for your rabbit ears.

2) Just because the management has severed their contract with MediaWorks does NOT mean you are officially cancelled with them. You are REQUIRED to call MediaWorks and cancel your individual account. Otherwise, they CAN continue to charge you even if you don't receive service anymore.

Trees,Grounds and Ambiance

Yes ..I live in the older part,but I love the trees and the all the space behind my place.It's very quiet here never had any problems with intruders.
Never had an encounter with a rat dead or living.
True applicanes are old and the A/c and carpet as well.But nothing in this life is perfect.
Maintenance are there soon as you report a problem ,office staff is professional and nice.
Love the fitness center the 2 pools and lake with walking trail and fountain.

Charging ex-tenants for rent!

I moved out at the end of my lease in September and I got billed for February rent. When I called, they said it was a "computer glitch". This is the second time they have done this. Very unprofessional. They even asked me to fax them the bill. Since I don't have a fax machine in my home, I had to go to a copy shop and pay to have this faxed.


I do not typically write reviews but I felt compelled to discuss some issues I have experienced at Centennial Ridge. I have been living here for a little over a year, and I could not be more anxious to leave. I have experienced nothing but problems with this complex and it's management. Everyday I wake up I rush to the shower to make sure that the water is working. For some reason this complex feels that it is necessary to shut off the entire water supply to the whole complex for "maintainence". It gets old after about the fourth time. Aside from the water issues the next complaint I have is the AC. Lucky for me I was blessed to recieve an apartment with a leak in the freon hose

for ac. This means that every 3 months the ac goes out. It usually takes 2 days for them to "fix". No ac in the summer in a thrid floor apartment is no fun. I have stayed in numerous apartments in college and I must say that this place is by far the worst. I do not feel safe leaving my wife alone here.

Stay FAR away

When I first moved into this community, it was "Archstone Roswell", and a very different place. I guess that rental market conditions forced Archstone to sell to Worthington, and the residents suffered. I am glad to say that I have moved out and am miles away from this place. Aside from the waste that is often left stacked at both the front and back collection areas, I faced:
- numerous critters (spiders and other various insects)
- a constantly failing heating/air unit (it was "repaired" each time, only to fail immediately)
- unreliable support from management (refused to honor requests to deal with neighbor issues)
- loud music throughout the night
- loud exhaust that would set off car alarms intentionally
- unassigned parking, with many spots occupied by party-goers
- fights
- children left alone to play in the streets
- broken beer bottles and trash throughout the grounds
- generally unpleasant and unscrupulous people
The management cannot be trusted, and this community should be avoided.

Centennial Ridge Resident's Body Found in Forsyth in Abandoned Farm House

Click Here for Video.

CUMMING - The Forsyth County Sheriff's Office identified the body of a woman whose body was found early Tuesday morning in an abandoned farmhouse on Union Hill Road near the Forsyth/Fulton County border.

"She has been identified as 30 year-old Octavia Nicole Atkins of Treehouse Parkway in Roswell," said Forsyth County Sheriff's Office spokeswoman Karlene Chalker, "She had been reported missing to the Roswell Police Department, and she was last seen alive several days ago by her family."

Forsyth Sheriff's Captain Frank Huggins said that a surveyor found Ms. Atkins when his crew came upon the farmhouse while surveying commercial property.

"The surveyor said he had looked in to the house, either through a window or a door and spotted the body of a black female lying on the floor," said Capt. Huggins. "At first he said he thought it was a mannequin and then realized that he was actually looking at a human body."